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Break Free

Safe Breaker

Operation Escape

Can you be the first to Break Free?

Mission #1: Break Free | Pick the Lock and Break Free

You are locked up in handcuffs, how fast can you break free? In this mission you have to use your spy skills to pick the lock and escape. Make sure to be faster than your friends! You collect most points if you break free the fastest.

Record the ultimate race to escape and upload it to social media using the hashtag #BreakFreeChallenge so we know you fulfilled the first mission!

Break Free comes with twelve unique mazes with three difficulty levels. Players must handcuff themselves and break free by using the lock pick, moving it up and down and twisting it left and right to escape!

Ages 6 & up | 1 or more players | No Batteries Required

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  • 4x Handcuffs
  • 4x Maze Covers
  • 4x Lock Picks
  • 4x Easy Level green mazes
  • 4x Intermediate Level Yellow mazes
  • 4x Advanced Level Red Mazes
  • 12x Tokens
  • 1 x Game Rules Booklet


MISSION #2: Safe Breaker

MISSION #2: Safe Breaker

Diamonds and coins are in the Safe. Can you crack the code?



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MISSION #3: Operation Escape

MISSION #3: Operation Escape

You and your friends have been captured and there’s very little time to Escape.