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Spy Code

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Break Free

Safe Breaker

Operation Escape

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The Spy Agents have been chosen and they have 3 missions to complete before getting to the next level. Watch all of the Spy Agents overcome all challenges using their skills and strategical analysis to achieve the missions.

Meet our Spy Agents

These agents have been carefully chosen based on their physical, analytical, mathematical and creative skills.

Break Free
  • Spy 37: Josh
  • Spy 89: Ivy
  • Spy 37: Jack
  • Spy 24: Mike
Safe Breaker
  • Spy 21: Jake
  • Spy 44: Nicky
  • Spy 11: Charlie
Operation Escape
  • Spy 43: Buck
  • Spy 36: Rooster
  • Spy 18: Judy